Rapid financing and quick loan to the bad payer

You will be surprised, in the end, that, paradoxically, the most rapid financing par excellence is the “slowest” one, and vice versa. We’ll see. Then, quick loans to bad payers and/or without a paycheck? Yes! We will also deal with these but also with other things.

So, if you are looking for a very quick loan, you just have to continue reading the article. How to analyze a quick loan offer? The offer will be analyzed considering three moments: the request, the response and the supply material.
Rapid personal loans: subdivision of the timing into three periods and how each one, singularly considered, have an impact on making us grant a rapid loan.

A period that depends exclusively on the applicant

A period that depends exclusively on the applicant

The first: this is the request for funding. It is a period that depends exclusively on the applicant: he can compress the maximum times by counting all the necessary documentation aimed at obtaining the loan. It is essential to present at least the tax code, an identity document and the income documents, whatever they are (salary, coupon, 740, annuities, etc.). If necessary, it is in this first phase that documents certifying any guarantees, such as the signature of a third party guarantor, real estate, etc., should be presented.

The second: the answer about the feasibility of the loan. This takes place practically in real time as each bank, financial or agency that is connected to a series of centralized IT databases which will say and tell all your credit history. In this second phase we will know if the answer is positive or negative. If it is positive, we move on to the last period: the one that decides whether the loan is quick or not;

The third: it goes from the positive response to the material availability of money in the case of personal loans or to the material availability of the asset (e.g. a car) in the case of targeted loans. It is in this last phase that we can “measure” the rapidity of disbursement, that is, if they offer us a quick or very quick loan.

Fast delivery times & loans online: request in bank or online, is it the same thing? No! Statistically speaking, all other conditions being equal, requests made online are dealt with more quickly than those made personally in the branch: just think that some banks or large financial institutions have set up specific call centers and chats with operators who deal exclusively with providing more as quickly as possible.

Fast personal loans & average disbursement times.

Fast personal loans & average disbursement times.

Based on the above, we consulted the major Italian credit institutions to small and medium financial companies, brokers included and we were able to establish that, compressed to a minimum, therefore with all the documentation in place, the maximum quick loan they can provide takes about 4 to 5 business days. NB: we consider that those just mentioned are the average times so some banks or financial institutions could deviate by one day.

Furthermore, we consider that they are working days so they can go up to 6 or 7 days. if there is a weekend or other public holidays in the middle. The case of small, very fast loans is different: these, in the credit lexicon, are those loans that do not exceed 5000 USD. Well, with the small quick loan it is possible to “save” a day or two compared to the aforementioned average schedule.


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